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Michael Phelps broke out his famous Olympic arm warm-up during the Ryder Cup celebrity match

September 27, 2016

There are various ways golfers prepare for the first tee. The range is a popular practice ground. Others follow a stretching regimen, while some prefer visualization. Hell, there's a small contingent that likes to put the tee in the ground and swing away. Whatever helps you find the fairway, we're all for it.

So who are we to censure swimming superstar Michael Phelps, who busted out his famous Olympic arm warmup during the Ryder Cup celebrity match on Tuesday:

Hey, it worked in Rio. And in the early going, it seems to be doing just fine in Hazeltine, too:

Given the Americans are looking for any help they can get to break the European winning streak, don't be surprised to see Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and the like follow Phelps' lead on Friday morning.