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Michael Buffer unfazed by sprinkler to the face while announcing Premier League starting lineups

May 07, 2018

You know it's an event if Michael Buffer is in the house. For our money, no hype video or entrance music can top Buffer's guttural-inflected "Let's get ready to rumble!" battle cry. Which explains why the 73-year-old Buffer was asked to introduce the starting lineups for the Premier League matchup between Chelsea and Liverpool, because Lord knows soccer needs all the excitement it can get.

Unfortunately, England being England, Buffer's prologue hit a bit of a snag. And by "snag," we mean the announcer getting smacked in the face with a sprinkler:

And yet, Buffer was undaunted, finishing his introduction as if his beautifully coiffed hair wasn't just doused by a firehose.

Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised at Buffer's composure. The man was in, and thus survived, "Rocky V." A little H20 to the grill is a breeze by comparison. Moreover, he took the incident in stride:

Of course, if you were worth $400 million off a catchphrase, you'd be able to laugh it off too.