Blockie SZN

Michael Block sensibly explains why he's not cut out for the PGA Tour, internet pounces


Keyur Khamar

The natural inclination for social media with anything Michael Block-related is to hate, hate, hate first and ask zero questions later. It's partly because he simply won't go away, and partly because those of us in the media won't let him go away, either. That was just a veiled way of saying that Blockie gets hate clicks and hate clicks are great for business.

And when Block says something like "If I had Rory McIlroy's length ...., " the online vitriol is understandable. Even if there could be some truth to what he said, it came off a bit cocky after one great finish in a major. But Blockie's a big boy, he can handle it. 

But when he says something completely fair in a calmn manner on a podcasts and everyone still finds a way to pounce, that's when it veers into hating for the sake of hating territory. Case in point, this perfectly lukewarm and sensible take from the California club pro on the "First Cut" podcast, where he explained why he's simply not cut out to play on the PGA Tour. 

"I rolled the rock better than I have did in my life," said Block, referring to his fairytale 15th-place finish at the PGA Championship back in May. "I hit short game shots I never hit in my life, I hit my irons great, I hit driver down the fairway, and I struggled to finish 15th. 

"That's how good these guys on the tour are," he continued. "That's 14 guys still beat me, and I brought my A+ game all around. So, that's why I'm not on the PGA Tour. I don't want to be that guy, I don't want to have my A+ game and still finish 15th. If I have my A+ game against club professionals, I'm going to win." 

No lies detected, right? WRONG! 

"Lol, not on tour because he doesn't want to finish 15th. Okay, dude," one commenter wrote. "You're not on tour because you are not good enough. Simple as that," wrote another commenter, unknowingly making Block's point for him. "What's wrong with finishing 15th every tournament? That's probably 100K plus every tournament," wrote another. 

Yeah, that's not the point. If Block could guarantee a 15th-place every week he'd 100 percent play on tour. But he needs his A+ game JUST to finish 15th. His B-, C+ and D games are probably missing the cut. Whereas a C+ week from Jon Rahm might still be good enough to top 10. Virtually impossible to compete with that on a week in, week out basis, which is what Block was saying. Leave it to the internet to completely misconstrue that one.