124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Wintry Mix

The Mets, who have had three weather postponements already, landed in a blizzard in Colorado Thursday night

Usually, by April 16th, the New York Mets hav already sent their fanbase over the edge with a number of excruciating losses. So far in 2021, though, that has not been the case, for two reasons. 1. They never play (the Mets have now had three weather postponements and three COVID postponements) and 2. in the limited games they have played, they've been fun to watch!

Following their latest postponement Thursday, the Mets headed off to lovely Colorado, where they'd surely have no more issues with weather and their fans would finally be able to kick back and watch them actually play baseball on Friday night. SIKE!! 

Obviously, this video was taken when the Mets landed Thursday night, so there's still hope for Friday's game against the Rockies, right?


Nothing a few handwarmers can't fix, am I right? Man, if this ain't all the reason you need to just have every MLB team start the season in California or Hawaii, I'm not sure what is. Just do a Little League World Series style event in all of April, with games day and night in L.A., San Diego and San Franicsco. Problem solved. 

Next up for the Mets - a three-game set with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley, which begins Tuesday. The current weather outlook is more snow showers and temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s. Maybe the Mets season will start back up in May.