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Men are using golf to hide their affairs, according to study

April 28, 2017
Couple smiling at each other in golf cart


Golfers already take heat from their significant others for spending too much time on the course. This study won't help their cause.

According to an article in the Independent, a survey in the U.K. of 1,750 men revealed that 17 percent of those having affairs covered up their infidelity by claiming they're playing or practicing golf. Proving one's handicap isn't the only thing players are lying about.

The survey was not primarily golf focused; rather, it looked at those participating in various sports for six or more hours a week (or, given the integrity of the men in question, who say they're participating for six or more hours a week). According to researchers, results discovered peer pressure and amplified testosterone levels increasing the likelihood of cheating. Rugby turned out to be the sport that earned the infamous top spot for most likely to be used to hide an affair at 21 percent.

For innocent hackers, we recommend capturing plenty of swing video at the range or course photos during your round. After this study, you're going to need all the evidence you can get.