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Meet the mobster who did most of his "work" on the golf course

December 02, 2015

A six-part mini-series about a former Montreal mobster, Vito Rizzuto, is currently in production, according to TheStar.com. Titled "Bad Blood" (We can only hope the Taylor Swift tune of the same name is used as the theme song), the series is based on the book "Business or Blood" written by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards.

These writers were interested in the life of Rizzuto after he was released from prison in 2006 for his role in a decades-old murder, specifically how he'd react to his son, father and other family members being murdered while he was behind bars. The article doesn't give away how Rizzuto responded (guess we have to wait for that mini-series to come out), but it mentions the important role golf played in the mobster's life.

When Rizzuto died of natural causes in 2013, there was a flower arrangement in the shape of a golf bag. And then there was where he conducted his, um, business.

"He played golf 100 times a year, a lot of times in the Dominican Republic," Edwards said of Rizzuto, who was a drug kingpin. "The beauty about golf is that it's very hard to bug a golf course. . . . So a lot of what he did was there and golf really made sense for him."

Hang on, he played golf 100 times a year? Vito sounds like our kind of guy! Well, you know, besides all the murder and corruption. . .