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A 'sweet woman' paid for Max Homa's Chick-Fil-A meal in drive-thru for this touching reason

April 17, 2024

David Cannon

HILTON HEAD — On Monday, the day after his top-five finish at the Masters, Max Homa needed something to do on his drive from Augusta to Hilton Head, where he'll play in this week's RBC Heritage. He called some friends, reminisced on what he might have done better over the weekend, and then did something that many of us road dogs will find familiar:

"I absolutely demolished Chick-Fil-A," said Homa. "A sweet woman paid for it, actually, in the drive-thru line."

The first part is extremely relatable—personally, I never drive more than two hours, at least in the south, without hitting a Chick-Fil-A—but the second part was not, as strange women do not offer to pay for my meals. This demanded a follow-up. How? Why? As it turned out, the woman's son is a big fan of Homa, and that was enough for her to comp him.

"It was cool," he said. "I was in the drive-thru by myself and I went to order and the person taking the order told me that the woman in the row next to me had paid for whatever I was going to get. She said that her son is three or four and I'm his favorite golfer, so it was pretty cool."

Homa clarified that it was one of the two-line drive-thru set-ups, and that she rolled down her window and chatted with him for a minute.

"Those kinds of things I still pinch myself," he said.

One reporter brought up the fact that he had just won over a million dollars for his T-4 finish at the Masters, and could obviously afford his own Chick-Fil-A—he's like a reverse Robin Hood!!!—but Homa wasn't taking the bait.

"It was kind," he said. "I just pinch myself at times with the kindness people have given me just because I play some golf. I feel very fortunate for that."

Let it be known that Golf Digest staffers also appreciate kindness, in the off chance that you should ever encounter one of us in a Chick-Fil-A line.