Paying Up

Max Homa (grudgingly) makes good on bet by wearing Braves jersey at WM Phoenix Open

February 13, 2022

Being forced to wear the jersey of the sports team your buddy roots for that took down your favorite sports team has become a cliché tried-and-true bet among PGA Tour pros. For as often as it happens, there remains a level of amusement to the whole proceeding that keeps us looking regardless.

The latest example played out Friday at the WM Phoenix Open: Max Homa (die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan) and J.T. Poston (die-hard Atlanta Braves fan) had a wager still to be settled after the Braves beat the Dodgers in the National League Championship series last October. It was decided that it would happen in a very public place: the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale.

Not surprisingly, Poston shoke the social tree early this week to let people know Homa’s humiliation would be forth coming. Here’s a tweet from Monday:

When tee times did come out, the tour didn’t have the two paired but obliged Poston by having them play in opposite waves. So on Friday, when Homa was teeing off in the afternoon, Poston had already finished his second round and was able to be present when Homa played the famed Stadium hole at the Stadium Course.

“I had to wear that ugly jersey, everyone did the chop, it was awful,” Homa was quoted in the Arizona Republic. After walking off the tee, Homa eventually took off the jersey, signed it "Go Dodgers!" and tossed it into the stands.

Homa had a similar bet with Poston in 2020. He won that one, which allowed him to take over Poston’s Twitter account for a day.