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Matthew Fitzpatrick's caddie gives him the perfect pep talk after he lips out for a hole-in-one

January 19, 2017

Despite all their accomplishments on the golf course, even the best players in the world are devastated when they just miss a hole-in-one. The difference between them and the average hacker, though, is how quickly they can recover.

In Thursday's opening round of the European Tour's Abu Dhabi Championship, Matthew Fitzpatrick lipped out from 199 yards on the seventh hole. He bent over in agony for a moment before getting the perfect pep talk from his caddie, Jamie Lane. What did Lane say to the young star to immediately snap him out of a funk? He simply reminded him that there wasn't a car being offered as a hole-in-one prize.

Welcome to life as a tour pro.

Fitzpatrick shot 69 and trails first-round leader Henrik Stenson by five. Here's Fitzpatrick's terrific shot -- and the hilarious exchange between him and Lane after.

Now that's some good caddying.