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The European Tour's 'Angry Golfer' classes are already paying off for Matt Wallace and Tyrrell Hatton

January 23, 2021

On Friday, the European Tour's content team knocked it out of the park yet again with its "Angry Golfers" video. In just under 30 hours, the video, which features a handful of well-known Euro Tour pros who have anger managment issues on the golf course (some more than others), has already eclipsed 1 million views. 

The six minute "meeting" appeared to be a joke, a well-acted one at that (Eddie Pepperell, as always, shined). But two of the video's stars, Matt Wallace and Tyrrell Hatton, are actually putting what they learned at the meeting into action. Here's Hatton giving his ball a thumbs up after it lipped out for birdie on Saturday at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship: 

What's funny about this is that this is something Hatton would probably do normally. Mockingly thumbs up his own ball, but we'll allow him to pass it off as #PersonalGrowth after learning all that great stuff from Tommy Fleetwood. 

Later in the day, Wallace showed some similar growth too. After missing a short birdie look, Wallace raised his putter in the air as if he was about to throw it. But he stopped, composed himself, and also gave a thumbs up: 

Did that supposedly fake meeting actually ... help? If so, the Euro Tour content people are literally playing chess, not checkers. Not only did they get an A+ piece of video out of it, they may have helped two of the angrier players on the planet stop being so angry. OK, it's only been one day, but progress is progress.