We can say with confidence that we've never seen this 'pinky out' putting grip before in golf history

Much like the golf swing itself, there's no one, "correct" way to grip the putter. Left-hand low, claw, Happy Gilmore-style, index finger down the grip (think Brooks Koepka), side saddle, anchored, etc. We've seen (and tried) it all. However, we can say with utmost confidence that we've never seen the grip Mark Hubbard attempted on Friday at the American Express. 

Following a first-round 68 on the more difficult Stadium Course at PGA West, the 31-year-old journeyman struggled mightily on Friday on the Nicklaus Tournament Course. After gaining nearly three strokes on the greens in his opening round, Hubbard nearly averaged two putts per hole in his second round. He finished with a 76, missing the cut by four shots. 

On his final hole, the par-4 ninth, Hubbard had seemingly had enough. Facing a short par putt, he took the putter grip with his left hand, then began doing a Steph Curry-esque shimmy while he rounded his right arm around. As that was happening, he stuck his pinky out, eventually bringing it all the way to the bottom of the shaft. There is a lot going on here: 

Shoutout to Trevor Immelman for that A+ breakdown. As you can see, Hubbard missed it, but the stroke was pure. We highly doubt this grip is here to stay for Hubbard, but we can dream.