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Matt Kuchar went all out to prank Bubba Watson for St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2016

Apparently, golfers playing in this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational aren't spending much time on the practice range. Rory McIlroy put together a massive jigsaw puzzle in his hotel room, and it looks like Matt Kuchar went all out in pranking Bubba Watson for St. Patrick's Day. At least, that's who Watson is pinning this devious behavior on:

Wait a second. Are those boxes of Lucky Charms in a toilet? Wow. That's really going the extra mile, Matt. Meanwhile, poor Bubba is just minding his own business and resting his back this week.

And are St. Patrick's Day pranks even a thing? Either way, after this display of toilets and toilet paper, Kuchar better be on the lookout for some payback from Bubba. After all, it's just two weeks until April Fool's Day.