No, Matt Fitzpatrick did not 'tattle' on Collin Morikawa

December 06, 2023

Harry How

As ridiculous as the day-old, two-stroke penalty was for Collin Morikawa last Sunday at the Hero World Challenge, it was exactly the type of ruling we've come to expect in golf, which made it hardly surprising. The surprising bit came later on in the story, when it was revealed that Morikawa's playing partner, Matt Fitzpatrick, was the one who tipped off PGA Tour chief referee Stephen Cox to the infraction.

The internet being the grotesque place it is, that naturally led to shouts of "TATTLE TALE!" and an assortment of other insults hurled in Fitzy's direction that I'm not allowed to type here. With the information readers had initially, that was understandable. Social media does not exactly take a "let the facts play out" approach with stories such as this one. 

But, as Golf Digest's own Dave Shedloski explained on this week's episode of The Loop podcast, this was not a textbook tattle-tale situation. He laid out how it all really went down in ur full conversation, which you can hear below. We also discuss Tiger Woods' optimistic outlook for 2024, the golf ball rollback debate and much more. Please, have a listen, and like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts.