PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club


18 Questions

April 07, 2013

__1. Would you eat a large plate of Sandy Lyle's 1989 Champions Dinner choice, haggis—a blend of sheep heart, liver and lungs encased in a sheep's stomach—in exchange for a round on the Par-3 Course? __

(A) Sure—and give me sides of blood sausage and head cheese: 67.4%

(B) I'd rather eat Sandy Lyle's golf shoes: 32.6%

2. You've caught Louis Oosthuizen's ball when he tossed it to the gallery after making a double eagle on the second hole in 2012. Masters officials immediately offer you two tickets—lifetime— in exchange for the ball. A patron standing next to you offers $50,000. Which do you choose?

(A) My Aprils are set for the rest of my life: 62.3%

(B) I'll take cash or a check: 32.3%

(C) Neither—I'm keeping the ball: 5.4%

3. You're allowed a 15-minute tour of one of the following Augusta National structures. Which do you choose?

(A) The Champions Locker Room: 54.9%

(B) The Trophy Room: 12.9%

(C) The Crow's Nest, the amateurs' quarters atop the clubhouse:12.3%

(D) The Butler Cabin, where the winner dons his green coat: 9.4%

(E) The wine cellar: 7.3%

(F) The Eisenhower Cabin, where Ike stayed: 3.2%

4. Would you move into a home, permanently, next door to the Hooters restaurant in Augusta in exchange for 10 rounds annually for you and your friends at Augusta National?

(A) Give me the keys to the house, but I'm not wearing a tank top and orange shorts. 67.4%

(B) No way—you do know that Augusta National is closed for almost half the year?32.6%

5. Who would you most like to see win the Masters this year?

(A) Tiger Woods: 28%

(B) Fred Couples: 11.6%

(C) Rory McIlroy: 9.4%

(D) Phil Mickelson: 8.4%

(E) Ernie Els: 6.2%

(F) Jason Dufner: 5.5%

(G) Sergio Garcia: 4.6%

(H) Adam Scott: 4%

(I) Luke Donald: 3.8%

(J) Dustin Johnson: 3.8%

(K) Rickie Fowler: 2.8%

(L) Ian Poulter: 2.8%

(M) Keegan Bradley: 2.4%

(N) Bubba Watson: 1.5%

(O) Webb Simpson: 1%

(P) Other: 4.2%

6. If someone slipped the green coat on you on Masters Sunday, what would you be wearing underneath?

(A) A white golf shirt, khaki pants: 65.7%

(B) A black golf shirt, khaki pants: 25.2%

(C) Nothing but a tie: 5.9%

(D) A Loudmouth shirt and pants: 3.2%

7. Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore are the first two female members at Augusta National. Should there be a third woman added to the membership?

(A) Yes, along with a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, etc. 60.6%

(B) To tell you the truth, I wish Augusta National hadn't caved:39.4%

8. Will Tiger Woods win another Masters?

(A) Yes: 76.3%

(B) No:23.7%

9. You get a replica for your yard. Your choice:

(A) Hogan Bridge: 77.9%

(B) Nelson Bridge: 12.8%

(C) Sarazen Bridge:9.3%

10. Whom do you have the most sympathy for?

(A) Roberto De Vicenzo, who signed an incorrect score-card to lose in 1968: 45%

(B) Greg Norman, who blew a six-shot lead in 1996:26.1%

(C) Ken Venturi, who shot an 80 to lose by a stroke as an amateur in 1956:9.1%

(D) Scott Hoch, who missed a two-footer that would have won the 1989 Masters: 7.5%

(E) Rory McIlroy, who had a four-shot lead but shot 80 on Sunday in 2011:7.2%

(F) Tom Weiskopf, who finished second at the Masters four times, but never won: 5.1%

11. Which late Masters champion would you have most liked to have dinner with?

(A) Ben Hogan: 31.2%

(B) Seve Ballesteros: 24.5%

(C) Byron Nelson: 19.9%

(D) Sam Snead: 19.7%

(E) Gene Sarazen: 4.7%

12 Do you play golf on Masters Sunday?

(A) Sometimes: 45.8%

(B) Never: 43.9%

(c) Always: 10.3%

13. Final round, 2013 Masters. You're near the 18th hole's TV tower. Jim Nantz, looking very ill, clambers down the ladder and says, "I can't do this anymore. Would you fill in for me?" Do you accept the offer?

(A) "Hello, friends": 87.4%

(B) Nope—I've got stage fright, and I'm not wild about heights, either: 12.6%

14. With a one-shot lead on the 72nd tee, which player in this year's field is most likely to blow it?

(A) Sergio Garcia: 42.6%

(B) Lee Westwood: 18%

(C) Adam Scott: 14.5%

(D) Dustin Johnson: 11.2%

(E) Phil Mickelson: 6.9%

(F) Tiger Woods: 3%

(G) Ernie Els: 2.4%

(H) Rory McIlroy: 1.4%

15. You get a chance to play Augusta National one time. Do you tee it up from the members' tees (6,365 yards) or the Masters tees (7,435 yards)?

(A) Tee it forward: 56.3%

(B) I'll play where the big boys play: 43.7%

16. To avoid further lengthening of the course, would you be in favor of Masters participants using a restricted-flight golf ball?

(A) No: 53.2%

(B) Yes: 46.8%

17. Wandering through the trees, you trip on a half-buried relic—a mashie niblick with Bobby Jones' unique inscription stamped on the head! What do you do?

(A) Find club chairman Billy Payne and say, "Before I request two days of golf for me and a few friends, I was wondering: Ever heard of eBay?": 40.6%

(B) Turn it in at the clubhouse: 39.2%

(C) Shove it down your pants and limp to your car: 20.2%

18. You're transported back in time to attend one of the following. Your choice:

(A) Jack's first Masters victory, 50 years ago. 65.8%

(B) The first Masters (Augusta National Invitation Tournament), in 1934: 34.2%