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Masters audience skews older, despite Tiger scandal

April 19, 2010

John Ourand of Sports Business Daily notes here that the median age of the viewer for the first two rounds of the Masters on ESPN skewed higher than it had from the previous year, prompting him to ask: "If a sex scandal can't lower the age of golf's TV audience, what can networks do to attract younger viewers?"

The median age was 57.8, up from 55.6 the year before. The percentage of viewers 55 and older rose to 56 percent, compared with 51.2 percent the year before.

Ourand said he was shocked by the numbers. He shouldn't be. It's still a golf tournament, which isn't likely to appeal to those disinterested in golf, with or without a Tiger scandal driving interest. Golf fans skew older and Woods' return to competitive golf enticed more of them to tune in.

-- John Strege