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Masters 2024: Augusta’s video tribute to Verne Lundquist will have you begging him not to retire


AUGUSTA, Ga. — It’s the dream of any sports broadcaster to have a singular call become so iconic that it is forever connected to the legacy of the event. Verne Lundquist has lived that dream at the Masters—twice.

Lundquist, 83, is making his 40th and final appearance from Augusta National this week. His signoff on Sunday during CBS' final round broadcast is likely to be pretty emotional, given his history with this tournament and two particularly memorable victories from a pair of golf legends.

In 1986, Lundquist was calling the action at the 17th hole when Jack Nicklaus rolled in a birdie putt that continued his incredible charge that ultimately led to an improbably sixth Masters win. Lundquist's “Yes Sir!” call when the putt dropped became an instant classic.

“I said to myself keep it simple and get out of the way,” Lundqvist said.

Almost two decades later, Lundquist once more was the voice that would contextualize another legendary Masters accomplishment. When Tiger Woods chipped in for birdie behind the 16th green on his way to his 2005 victory, Lundquist immortalized the accomplishment: “Oh my goodness. In your life have you ever seen anything like that?”

Earlier this week, Lundquist spoke on Golf Channel about his career, one that included unforgettable sports moments outside of golf, including Christian Laettner’s "The Shot" to Auburn's “Kick Six.” But it was his two Masters missives that he says are his favorites.

“I give slight deference to the older guy,” Lundquist said, reference NIcklaus “Because he’s six months older than I am and I will never let him forget that. But I mean they’re interchangeable.”

For viewers getting ready to settle in for the final round broadcast, check out this video tribute the Masters compiled and posted on social media Sunday. It’s an impressive retrospective with great commentary from Lundquist himself, Nicklaus and Woods.

Warning: You might have a couple tissues handy.