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Masters 2024: The 11 most hilarious things we overheard in the gallery on Sunday at Augusta National


Ben Walton

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A glorious Sunday greeted patrons after a wind-swept couple of days at Augusta National. Roasting hot temperatures with a great leaderboard delivered a perfect palate for viewing for the final round of one of golf’s greatest days.

We walked around for much of the final day to capture some of the best color we overheard on Sunday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Security guard approaches a man laying on his back with his bucket hat over his head: “Sir, are you OK?”

The man sits up looking dazed and confused.

“We want people to be comfortable out here. But we can’t have you getting that comfortable.”

Patron gives a “Yes, sir,” and after the guard walks away: “Man, he would know if I was drunk, I’d be throwing up.”


Female points to a sign that says Amen Corner, while Amen Corner is directly behind her: “Hey hon, looks like Amen Corner is that way,” as they walked away from Amen Corner.


Patron talking to another patron: “Imagine you’re this Shipley kid. First, you locked up low-amateur and your green jacket. Then you get paired with Tiger … that’s an unbelievable day.”

Editor’s Note: Low amateurs don’t get a green jacket (though they do get to watch the winner don the jacket in Butler Cabin).


Patron as Tiger Woods wraps up on the 18th hole: “We might’ve just watched Tiger Woods’ last Masters.”

Another patron in front turns around: “Are you serious? Why would you put that into the universe?”

Another editor’s note: Tiger talked about his prep for the remaining three majors after his round, so this should most certainly not be his last Masters.


Patron to his friends, seemingly about an interaction with a volunteer: “She told us, ‘Keep your speed down. And God Bless.’ ”

His other friend: “And then she goes, ‘Easy on the Millers.’

“Alright fine, I guess we’ll switch to Amstels.”


Holding a bottle of sunscreen, a patron to a group: “This really is the best sunscreen in the world. That’s not even my opinion, it’s a fact. It might be SPF-40, but it’s all you need. I’ll pay you money if you’re red at the end of the day.”


Gallery guard to the left of 15 fairway as patrons start to gather around Tyrrell Hatton’s errant tee shot. “I have Willy Z in my pool, so I really hope this isn’t his shot.”


Patron waiting for Hatton to get to his ball. “Tyrrell Hatton is like the Richard Nixon of professional golf. You never know what he’s going to do.”


Walking with a group of well-dressed patrons: “A client insisted on hiring Cesar Millan. It was quite the experience. He showed up at the same exact time for his coffee every day. You better have it ready for him.”


Group of college-aged-looking kids walking: “I can’t believe we couldn’t wake up Neil to come today.”

“He’s gonna regret this his whole life.”

Another friend: “Yeah that 13th Jack and Coke was never gonna be worth it.”


Patron walking up the huge hill to the North Gate: “It’s really your hamstrings where you feel it the worst.”

His friend: “I’m surprised Augusta National doesn’t have some guided yoga for patrons when you walk off the course.”

“Give it until next year.”