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Masters 2024: Nick Saban's retirement schedule is extremely relatable (hint: it involves a lot of golf)

Any time a head football coach of Nick Saban's caliber retires, you always have to wonder what, on earth, he's going to now do with all this free time. Guys like Saban are known for winning national championships and then hopping on the phone moments later to continue recruiting for next year. Guys like him pour over game tape. They never turn it off. Going from that to ... nothing, is a major adjustment.

Sounds like Saban is handling it just fine, though. He's keeping busy by playing plenty of golf, though, just like the rest of us mere mortals, he still needs permission from the wife, AKA Miss Terry. Apparently, seven rings are not enough rings to be able to do what you want without asking first.

"You know, the day after I retired, I got the 12 commandments of retirement," Saban told ESPN's Laura Rutledge during a TV appearance at Augusta National. "So, I've tried to live by them.

"But I've found out that if I do my chores, then I can go play golf."

Man, sounds like Miss Terry is putting his ass to work, something Saban's been doing to his players for decades. 

A free pass! That's what marriage is all about folks. A little give and take. Regardless if they've built a statue of you outside of a football stadium or if you're just regular Joe Schmo. Good to know we all need to check in with the boss when it comes to sneaking out for some golf.