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Masters 2024: A female patron's style guide for Augusta National

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April 14, 2024

AUGUSTA, Ga.—Each year when the Masters approaches, my obsession with the weather forecast intensifies—not because of the golf, but for more selfish reasons. You could call it a perpetual predicament, my "tradition unlike any other”.

Whether it's the weight of tradition that hangs over the tournament, or the challenge of navigating the intricate maze of golf fashion as a woman, one thing is for sure: dressing for my week at Augusta National is no easy feat.

What's a no-brainer for most men at golf events—at least the ones I work with—who lean on the standard uniform of pants, polos and quarter-zip, a woman needs to intricately plan their daily options. Over the years, I have come up with my own set of “fashion rules” that I try to follow. As I roamed the course I couldn’t help but notice my own “rules” were abided by many of my fellow female patrons.

Rule 1: Stick to comfortable shoes... Augusta National is HILLY


You will be doing A LOT of walking, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I like to stick with white sneakers unless there is rain in the forecast. In that case, all bets are off, it’s best to stick with shoes that will dry quickly.

Rule 2: Embrace the green


Whether you’re going all out, or just subtly tilting your hat to the Masters, green is the color of choice. This year, I boldly decided to risk coordinating with the iconic umbrellas near the clubhouse – a tad outside my comfort zone, but those green pants were a hole-in-one.


Rule 3: Hats are optional, but helpful


Bucket hats, golf hats, straw hats—take your pick, just make sure it complements your ensemble.


Rule 4: Skirts and shorts are OK but please mind your length


I’m about to sound like my 92-year-old grandmother but this is a golf tournament, not a night club. If the forecast is calling for a scorcher, shorts aren’t a bad option, but lkeep it classy ladies.

Rule 5: Accessorize with purpose


Whether it's a Masters-themed purse, golf-inspired earrings or green in a scarf, accessories are the real conversation starters among your fellow patrons.

While navigating the world of women’s golf fashion can have more complexities compared to boring men’s attire, I’d argue it’s a whole heck of a lot more fun, allowing for more expression, creativity, and flair.