Masters 2019: What Dustin Johnson will wear at Augusta (hint … it's not navy)

DJ's gray color scheme at the Masters is fresh and athletic with bold pops of color throughout
DJ-2019 MastersScripting.jpg

In his 20 career PGA Tour wins, Dustin Johnson has been dressed in navy for all but five—two of which he wore just a slightly different shade of blue. Yet this year at the Masters, Johnson is banking on a new color to bring him success: gray. Whether it is the start of a new era for the 34-year-old or he's just trying out the heather-gray trend that has been popping up all over the golf style world, the shade will complement his athletic build and allow him to incorporate some brighter accents into his typically dark apparel scripting.

Johnson will start the week in head-to-toe gray. His Adidas Ultimate365 Polo Heather Stripe golf shirt features four different size stripes for a unique color-blocking pattern that breaks up the traditionally drab color. Woven into the design are striking blue accents through the stripe design that also pop on the inner collar. To let the shirt shine, he'll keep his accessories and pants a simple, complementing gray Ultimate365 3-Stripes Pant.


On Friday, DJ plans to brighten things up a bit with a bold two-color Ultimate365 Heather Blocked Polo. The shirt is gray at the shoulders and moves into a turquoise shade Adidas calls "True Green." The fun part about this color-blocking pattern is that the two-tone design starts above the elbow so the sleeves get a hint of color as well. He'll pair the top with a gray pant and white hat. With simple accessorizing and a blocked pattern, bright colors are easier to pull off, whether your a tour pro or a weekend warrior.


DJ will start the weekend in a darker, heather shade of gray, accented with highlighter yellow striping. From afar, this shirt looks like a simple gray polo with four thin neon stripes. Upon closer look, two blocks of microstripes are revealed. The non-pattern pattern trend has emerged in golf and is an excellent way to try new prints and colors without making too much of a splash or creating difficulty with matching.


To finish off the week strong at Augusta, Johnson will wear a black-and-gray color-block pattern that will look clean and athletic. He'll match his dark Ultimate365 3-Stripes Pants to the upper color of the polo, a smart decision that will pull the look together.


If you're planning on replicating DJ's Masters looks, be sure to select pieces with performance-ready fabrics. Gray can be ultra stylish and athletic, but sweat-saturated grays look and feel sloppy. The Adidas Ultimate365 tops are made with an moisture-wicking polyester blend fabric. The athletic fits and four-way stretch capabilities give you room to breath so you won't feel restricted and get overheated. It's important when trying gray apparel to make sure the pieces are prepared to perform with you; it's not a color to be careless with.