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Masters 2019: Phil Mickelson daggered Matt Kuchar in a hilarious video filmed while he drove up Magnolia Lane

Phil Mickelson and Matt Kuchar won't tee off at the Masters for another hour, and yet Lefty has already won their third-round battle. We'll explain.

As he drove up Magnolia Lane around noon, just about an hour and 45 minutes before he and Kuchar's tee time, Mickelson had who we have to assume is brother and caddie Tim Mickelson film a little pre-round pump-up speech to himself. Mickelson, firmly in the mix at four under, is obviously excited, and you could see it and hear it in his voice as he soaked in the short drive to the clubhouse. The best moment, however, was Lefty's ricochet shot at Kuchar in regards to potential "side action" between the two. Have a watch:

"Obviously we're not going to have any side action today," Mickelson says in a disappointing tone, adding, "because I'd probably see like .06-percent if I did win."

Goodness gracious Phil, that man has a family!

For those who have been living under a rock, Mickelson's shot is in reference to the saga of Kuchar and substitute caddie David Ortiz, better known as "El Tucan." As the story goes, Kuchar was extremely cheap with his tip to Ortiz following his win earlier this year at the Mayaokoba Golf Classic. The story took a million twists and turns since, none of them helping Kuchar's reputation. And his handling of the situation with Sergio Garcia at the WGC-Match Play didn't help matters either.

Just as Kuchar was attempting to put it all behind him and have a big weekend at Augusta National, Mickelson swooped in with this all-time random dagger on one of the biggest mornings of the golf calendar. Of course, it's all in good fun, but the truth in the joke has to feel like a bit of a knife in the back to Kuchar, if he sees the video. Peak Phil Mickelson to try and gain a mental edge before the round. We'll see if Kuchar can get some revenge with his play this afternoon.