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Masters 2019: If Tiger Woods wins, this couple's signed contract involving the name of their baby will get very interesting

If Tiger Woods were to do the unthinkable and win a fifth Masters title this weekend, golf fans around the world would be beside themselves. The impact on golf would be immeasurable. The impact on a huge Tiger Woods super fan and his family, however, is measurable—as the name of their first child is potentially on the line.

Trey Little, 25, of Dallas, and his fiancee, Denise Coleman, are expecting their first child in September, and Trey is more than a little bit of a Tiger fan. Before the tournament started, he typed up a contact (binding, we're told) to present to Denise. She got a huge kick out of it, Trey said.

"She took a deep breath, grabbed a pen and signed her name," Trey told Golf Digest. "Now after a -2 first round, we are pretty anxious for the weekend."

Here's the contract:

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.16.21 PM.png

Courtesy of Trey Little

So what gave Trey this idea? And why'd his fiancee agree? Turns out, Trey has been joking for a couple months now that he was going to name his kid after the 14-time major champion. Denise is of mixed descent—her father is African-American and her mother is from the Philippines—so Trey tells us he immediately started hinting (somewhat joking, he says) he thought Tiger would be an appropriate name. After a gender reveal in which Trey hit a golf ball to reveal they were having a boy, it felt fitting that Tiger might be a fitting name.

"At first she just laughed thinking I wasn't serious," Trey told us. "I continued to say "Baby Tiger" through the first couple of months of pregnancy. After the gender reveal and we knew we were having a boy, the conversation really started about boy names. The funny thing is the more we talked about names and the more I joked about Tiger, the more we both started to actually like the name Tiger Little."

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.17.49 PM.png

It's unclear whether Denise will be pulling for the host of other contenders, including Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, in the hopes she has more of a say in the naming of their child. But importantly, the fine print of the contact just states that Trey is "allowed" to name the kid after Tiger. That doesn't seem like a foregone conclusion.

Obviously, there are bigger things on the line if Tiger were to win this weekend. But not in this Dallas household. We'll see what ends up happening. And hey, to us, Koepka Little or Bryson Little have nice rings to them, too.