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Masters 2018: Why Tiger Woods isn't the biggest story at Augusta National

April 05, 2018
2018 Masters

J.D. Cuban

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A common question here is, “who are you here to follow?” For most patrons, the answer is a quick, “Tiger Woods!” But what if there’s a subtler, more powerful answer? What if you said, “I’m here to follow Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones.”

Since 1934, the venue itself has been the biggest, most compelling storyline at the Masters. It’s often lost among Vegas odds, prop bets and player news, but Augusta National, which feels far more like interactive art than a golf course, is the ultimate gem.

I chatted with editor Sam Weinman and Erik Anders Lang, a golf personality and host of the Erik Lang Show, to chat about the spirit of the Masters and Augusta National as the prime show in town.