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Martin Perez was injured by a bull. So he killed and ate it

March 20, 2018
Milwaukee Brewers v Texas Rangers

Rick Yeatts

There are a litany of weird-ass baseball injuries. Ken Griffey Jr. missed time when his protective cup slipped and pinched a testicle. Marty Cordova was sidelined after burning his face on a tanning bed. Glenallen Hill crashed into a glass table after falling out of bed from a nightmare. Martin Perez's story, however, takes the cake.

In December Perez, a pitcher for the Texas Rangers, suffered a freak injury after a bull came charging at him on a ranch in Venezuela, falling and injuring his non-throwing elbow. However, although initially diagnosed as a four-to-five month rehabilitation, Perez is on track to start the season in the majors. Better yet, Perez was able to enact his justice. Might want to close your eyes, PETA.

“I killed him and I ate him,” Perez told reporters over the weekend. “It was good meat. No more bull.”

The real loser in this, aside from the deceased calf, is the first opposing batter that faces Perez. If the man has no reservation slaughtering a bull, better believe he's capable of sending a heater at your dome and feeling nothing.