Marshawn Lynch interrupts his coach's press conference to make sure he won't get fined

September 11, 2017

Marshawn Lynch's first NFL game after coming out of retirement was a success by all measures. Lynch carried the ball 18 times for 76 yards, caught one pass for another 16 yards, and the Oakland Raiders won their opener on the road against the Tennessee Titans. Even better? Lynch avoided being fined by the league by upholding his post-game media obligation -- and he didn't even have to answer one pesky question from reporters. He also gave us arguably the funniest moment NFL moment on Sunday.

Lynch, who famously answered every question at Super Bowl media day in 2015 with some variation of "I'm just here so I won't get fined," interrupted the press conference of Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio on Sunday to make sure he was "good" to leave. Apparently, despite all the attention Lynch's NFL return received, no one from the media came by his locker to ask him any questions. Anyway, here's the clip:

An underrated part of the video is Del Rio referring to his new star running back as "Beast." Aww.

So there you go, NFL reporters. Marshawn Lynch is available for interviews after games. For three minutes. Don't be shy.