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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Cincinnati Bengals get shut out at home on NFL's Opening Day

September 11, 2017

Even for the NFL's bottom feeders, Week 1 is still a time to be optimistic. Everybody else is 0-0, making the playing field level, at least up until the opening kickoff.

Within a matter of moments, any positive vibes you had about your favorite team can be squashed like a bug. Thought your defense looked good in pre-season? Oops, they just gave up a four play, 80-yard drive in less than two minutes. "Don't worry, it's a long season!" you say... until your starting QB tears his ACL.

The rollercoaster of emotions an NFL Sunday provides is not for the faint of heart. Frustration is a natural reaction, and since your wife, kids, girlfriend, or whoever else doesn't really care to listen, you need a place to vent these frustrations. That's where Twitter comes in.

Presenting "How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition" where we compile the best tweets that described the performance of a particular team. This week, we check in with the Cincinnati Bengals, who got shut out at home 20-0 against the division-rival Baltimore Ravens. Ouch.

First up: Positive energy from the Cincinnati Zoo

Adorable! No way anything could go wrong now.

First round pick ruled out before kickoff. OK, not the end of the world.

Alright well, maybe it wasn't that bad of a throw...

Not what Bengals fans were looking for from franchise quarterback Andy Dalton on opening day. He's received an unfair share of criticism in recent years, and this start didn't help silence those doubters by any means.

After giving up a TD and going down 10-0, the Bengals still had a chance to drive down and gets some points before halftime. Instead, "Bad Andy" threw his third pick of the game, leading to another score for the Ravens to make it 17-0 at halftime. Cincy fans were not amused.

Things didn't go much better in the second half, with the Bengals turning the ball over two more times and not scoring a single point. At least everyone didn't overreact though...

Jeez! It's just one game. If only there were some celebrities to put things in perspective.

Where's your apology, Marvin Lewis?

It was an overall dismal performance from Dalton and the Bengals. The embarrassing 20-0 loss marked the first shutout in a home opener in franchise history. But hey, plenty of season left, right?