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Mark Wahlberg makes hole-in-one using Rory McIlroy's golf ball

March 11, 2016

In addition to being a four-time major champ, Rory McIlroy is apparently Mark Wahlberg's official golf equipment supplier. The actor said McIlroy gave him a new driver in December, and it appears he's at least passed along some golf balls as well. On Friday, Wahlberg made a hole-in-one and posted this photo in which he shows off the lucky ball bearing the Northern Irishman's nickname:

Happy Friday, indeed! Although Thursday was just as exciting for the film star. When reached by Golf Digest, Wahlberg said he made an ace the day before on one of his four backyard golf greens from 140 yards out using a 56-degree wedge.

The hole-in-one at Pelican Hill on Friday (actually from 163 yards) was Wahlberg's third ace on a real course, but his seventh if you count (which he does) the ones he's made at his home. He said Pelican Hill gave him the flag to keep as a memento.

Wahlberg may use McIlroy as his equipment hookup, but it doesn't look like he needs any workout tips from Rors. A 9-iron from 163 yards?! Meaty.