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Mark Wahlberg is wearing headphones in his round with Tiger Woods and the Internet is having none of it

February 14, 2018

Playing music on the golf course used to be a breach of etiquette. Now it's not only accepted, it's become the norm. With a caveat, however: said symphonic accompaniment is welcomed if the entire group can partake in the listening experience. Or, to put it frankly, don't be "that guy" wearing jamming out in headphones in the presence of others.

Which brings us to Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg is playing in Wednesday's Genesis Open Pro-Am at Riviera, a course he calls home. And he's playing his round with Apple AirPods in both ears. A look that could be generally described as "interesting."

One other small detail: Wahlberg is playing with Tiger Woods.

Now, "Chatty Cathy" is not a description used often when describing the rapport between pros and their Wednesday amateur partners. Nevertheless, rocking headphones while paired with one of the three greatest golfers of all-time seems a tad unnecessary, yes? An observation shared by the Internet:

You get the idea. Maybe he's trying to block out the surrounding crowd noise, or perhaps he's on a call trying to drum up interest in an "Entourage" reboot. Whatever the case, props to Wahlberg for being comfortable in his own skin.