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Marc Gasol awkwardly watching his new team's pregame ritual is the moment of the NBA season

February 12, 2019
Toronto Raptors played the Brooklyn Nets

Richard Lautens

It's tough being the new guy. You're afraid to ask questions to things that are second nature to your colleagues, people generally treat you like an animal at the zoo—they're curious but keep their distance—and you out of the loop on inside jokes. Also, do you call someone by their work-appointed nickname, even if you weren't there when the nickname was originated? And when an old co-worker is brought up, are you required to remain in the conversation and just politely nod, or are you allowed to walk away? These are the matters the Supreme Court need to rule on.

To all those swimming in this sea of office awkwardness, know you have an NBA spirit in the trenches with you.

After spending almost 11 years in Memphis, three-time All-Star Marc Gasol was traded to the Toronto Raptors this month, the team hoping the former Defensive Player of the Year is the final cog to a championship contender. The move has paid early dividends, with Gasol dropping 16 points in just 22 minutes off the bench in a Raptors' win over the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night.

But you're not reading this post for Gasol's in-game prowess. It's his pre-game performance that stole the show, as Gasol had no idea what the hell was going on during the club's lineup introduction:

The head turns of confusion. The "Should I go, or should I stay?" knee sways. The resignation of staying put, as that position offered optimal risk aversion. All of it is a delight.

So the next time your new surroundings cause a moment of unease, take a deep breath and say a prayer to Marc Gasol, the new patron saint of befuddlement.