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Soccer coach loses pivotal match to rival, seeks solace on golf course

February 04, 2014

If you follow soccer, you'll know that the mighty Chelsea (the team I've supported all my life) beat Manchester City 1-0 in the English Premier League on Monday.

If you don't follow soccer, think of it like this: the New York Yankees (Manchester City), the team with the highest payroll, are leading a tight Pennant race over the Boston Red Sox (Chelsea). Then, more than halfway the season, the Red Sox sweep the Yankees at home, blowing the race wide open.

How did Manuel Pellegrini, the head coach of Manchester City, cope with the loss? By hitting the links, of course. The Chilean is an avid golfer and apparently tried to join the exclusive nine-hole Hale Golf Club shortly after being appointed to his position in May.

Here's one of the Daily Mail's pictures of Pellegrini playing golf. Notice the two gloves. . .