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Man suing Dunkin' Donuts because their steak sandwich isn't steak

Dunkin' Donuts steak-and-egg breakfast sandwich is apparently not meat-ing one man's requirements.

According to, a Queens, NY man is suing the donut and coffee company for false advertising. His case? Their steak-and-egg sandwich doesn't contain steak.

Also, the sky is blue.

Look, Chen Chulen is more than likely right, but you got to know what you are getting into if you plan on making Dunkin' Donuts your steak spot. Don't expect this $3.99 piece of junk that's heated up in a microwave to taste like a 14-ounce Filet Mignon at the Palm.

For Mr. Chulen's consideration, here are the other things that aren't steak on the steak-and-egg breakfast sandwich: the bagel, the cheese, the paper wrapper it came in, the egg. That should keep the lawsuits to a minimum.