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Man ridicules friend's golf swing, promptly gets pelted in the face by ball

February 03, 2017

Aside from slow play, there's nothing worse than playing with a golfer who makes snide remarks about your game. Golf is hard enough as is; getting peppered with derogatory comments doesn't exactly ease the burden. Kind of takes away from the "Gentleman's game" ethos so inherent to the sport. So when we saw this video of a critic served an instant slice of retribution from the Daily Mail, it warmed our hearts to no end.

For those unable to hear, the man filming can be heard teasing "You're so bad," to his dejected friend in the sand trap. But as soon as that barb leaves his lips, our recorder receives a Titleist right between the eyes.

By no means are we advocating for brutality against those detracting from others' games. Conversely, karma, she is a fickle beast.