124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Random Daggers

Man makes hole-in-one, wife rains on his parade with most irrelevant response ever

August 18, 2023

There is nothing that can bring a golfer down after making a hole-in-one. At least, that's what I imagine as someone who has never been fortunate enough to make an ace. But one random and completely irrelevant response from a golfer's wife just mihgt have done the trick.

We don't know any details other than the protagonists names in the story are Greg and Elizabeth. And we don't have any other context of what happened after, but we do have an hilarious sequence of text messages thanks to our friends at Zire Golf.

Check it out as Greg texts a photo of him doing the classic hole-in-one pose, and Elizabeth replying with a question about . . . ramen noodles? Yep, ramen noodles.

Wow, that's something else right there. You hate to see it, indeed. Talk about raining on someone's parade. And if Greg really did toss out those ramen noodles, he was in for a tough night when he returned home.

Let's point out a couple other things, though. On one hand, Greg seemed like he was being a great husband/dad by keeping Elizabeth up to date on the status of his round. However, she didn't exactly seem to care about the status of his match, responding with the dreaded "K." Tough scene.

And to be fair to Elizabeth, the girls could have been driving her crazy while dad was out having a grand old time on the golf course. Also, he didn't specifically say, "HONEY, I MADE A HOLE-IN-ONE!" So maybe she didn't get a good look at the photo.

In any event, it makes for an all-time exchange. And we hope Greg still got to celebrate. But again, we hope even more for his sake that he didn't throw away the ramen.