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Golf protest by man living in a tree ends abruptly when man falls out of tree

March 25, 2015

Last week we brought you the odd story of two protesters living in a tree in New Orleans' Sharp Park in an effort to stop construction of a new $25 million golf course. Now the situation has gotten even stranger.

The lone man standing, er, sitting fell out of the tree on Tuesday, according to Witnesses say Jonathan "Lloyd" Boover flipped out of a hammock perched midway up the tree. He appeared to injure his nose, leg and foot, and was eventually taken away by an ambulance.

Lloyd, the name he was known by among fellow protestors, had been living in the tree since March 13. That's 11 days of living in a tree. Hammock or not, that's impressive.

A female, known only by her protest name of Heart, came down a week before after spending four days with Lloyd in the tree. Lloyd was thought to be running low on supplies. He waved to a crowd of supporters as he was carried away on a stretcher.

City officials had decided they wouldn't forcibly remove the protesters, but a police officer had been assigned to watch him. An arrest warrant was also issued for Lloyd for disturbing the peace and criminal trespassing.

"Mr. Boover chose to interfere in the construction of the golf course . . . he broke the law and now becomes the subject of civil and criminal action," said City Park spokesperson Marc Ehrhardt.

Construction of the Rees Jones design had continued with Lloyd in the tree and the course is scheduled to be finished by February 2017.