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Man dies from bee stings suffered while playing golf

September 10, 2015

According to a report from CBS in Detroit, an Ohio man died on Wednesday from bee stings suffered while playing golf.

Michigan State Police Sgt. Mark Tamyln said Darryl Dever was playing golf with a friend at Treetops Resort's North Course when bees came out of a hive in the ground while Dever was in the woods retrieving a lost ball. According to Tamlyn, Dever was stung at least 20 times in the head and neck, but played on.

"He went from the second hole to the third hole, and when he got to the third hole, he was having problem, was feeling sick, was having respiratory problems," said Tamlyn.

Since there was no cell-phone service, there was no way to quickly call for help. Dever was not known to have any allergies to bee stings.

Folks, be careful out there. And if you think you need medical attention on the golf course, please put your health first before your golf.