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Man determined to mow lawn as huge tornado swirls behind him

Dads are a determined bunch. Give them an open Saturday free of plans and they will find no less than 536 things to do around the house. Nothing will stop them. Apparently, not even a tornado.

The Times Colonist, a Canadian newspaper, first reported about this particularly determined dad who really needed to mow the lawn.

As a massive tornado swirled close behind the Alberta home of Theunis Wessels, his wife captured a photo of him continuing to cut the grass anyway. "I was keeping an eye on it," Wessels said. You keep an eye on burgers cooking on the grill (another dad specialty), not twisters right behind your house.

If I know this dad like I think I do, he finished up with the lawn and got going on the next task. We can only hope he found some time for a mid-afternoon nap while watching the Memorial.