Golf Crime

Man arrested on golf course during the middle of his round for allegedly defrauding golfers

October 05, 2023

(Credit: San Ramon Police Department)

A golfer was arrested in the middle of his round in San Ramon, Calif. His alleged crime? Cheating. Well, sort of.

According to San Ramon police, the arrest took place last month when officers got golf carts from a local course's pro shop and took the unidentified man into custody on the eighth hole.

Authorities said on social media that the man "made a habit of playing local courses in order to victimize those he played with." On Wednesday, police further explained the suspect would go to different local golf courses and pretend to represent Titleist while selling golf equipment under different aliases.

Unfortunately for his targets, the man never delivered the goods. Literally. That included one man who was defrauded out of $2,000 after being promised some high-end golf clubs. Police say the suspect also stole wallets from golfers, and had outstanding warrants for similar crimes in other counties.

The moral of the story? If you come across a deal that seems too good to be true, well, it might actually be too good to be true.