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Man arrested at airport for wearing ... too many clothes?

Airline travel is the biggest scam going. It costs a fortune, and by the time you get through the whole rigamarole of flying, you could have already reached your destination by car. To make matters worse, airlines (none in particular, I won't be specif-UNITED) have the nerve to drag people off flights they overbooked by force, or not allow passengers on flight because they aren't wearing the "proper" clothing.

British Airways one-upped United in a big way last week at the Iceland Keflavik Airport, denying a man a boarding pass for wearing ... too many clothes? That's right, Ryan Carney Williams was not allowed to board his flight because he was dressed as if he were climbing Mount Everest in the hopes of avoiding an excess luggage fee. Before he was arrested, Williams posted a video to his twitter account where he can be seen wearing eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts:

First, it's not enough clothes, then you cover up to the millionth, trillionth degree and they still don't let you on the damn plane. What's next? Too much breathing? Too much existing? For shame.

To be fair to British Airways .. ha, just kidding, all airlines suck.