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Make up your mind already, Rory

October 27, 2009

Either Rory McIlroy, the prodigy from Northern Ireland, is having trouble making a decision or he has been sending mixed signals about his intention to join the PGA Tour in 2010.

The Guardian reported on Sept. 30 that McIlroy "was giving serious thought" to joining the PGA Tour in 2010. Then last week, his agent Chubby Chandler reportedly told Sports Business Daily that, "Rory has decided not to join the PGA Tour in 2010."

And on Tuesday, following a practice round for the Volvo World Match Play Championship, he told the Belfast Telegraph, "That's not correct.

"I am still thinking about it. I love playing in America. I play well over there and I am still thinking about taking out my PGA Tour card next year. There are a few things to weigh up. For instance, I don't want to try and play an event in America and come straight back to play one in Europe. That's tough.

"I am not saying that money is a factor in this, but the European Tour has been hit a lot harder by the economic crisis than the American tour. Look at the Open last week. There was no one in the top 20 in the world in the field and yet they were still playing for $5 million."

Money talks, even to those who will have more of it than they'll ever need. But as we previously noted in this space, he wouldn't have to make much of an adjustment to join the PGA Tour while still retaining his European Tour membership.

As we said before, a schedule virtually evenly split between the two tours would be a boon to each of them. Go for it, Rory.

But make up your mind.

-- John Strege