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Make The Turn Weekly Challenge: Super Hip Mobility

February 17, 2015

A reasonable range in hip mobility is critical to executing a powerful and efficient golf swing. The ability of the hips to move to an acceptable degree facilitates rotation, speed generation and the ultimate transfer of that energy to the golf ball at impact. Hips that are compromised can cause a litany of swing faults and injuries leading to pain and lousy golf shots.

Incorporating the exercise presented in the video below is a great way to activate your hips for better performance.

As you work to become more mobile, I'd also like you consider an adjustment in technique to help make you a better ball striker. At address, instead of keeping your feet perpendicular to the target line or only flaring your front foot outward, flare both feet evenly about 15-20 degrees.

Flaring the feet makes it easier to rotate both back and through allowing you to make up for some of the tightness you're actively trying to remedy. The player with tight hips will not only find it difficult to turn, but also a challenge to move within a reasonable axis throughout the swing. Flaring the toes creates a positive chain reaction from the ground up that helps the hips and shoulders move within their proper tilts.

As an added bonus to this story, click here for a video I filmed for Golf Digest on how this alternative foot placement and attitude can help your game.

Spend a little time paying attention to improving your hip action and you can count this week's challenge as complete.


Increase Mobility

More Power

Better Shots

Jeff Ritter is the CEO/Founder of__ MTT Performance__. The program operates out of Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, Calif. Follow him on Twitter at @mttgolf*