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Make The Turn Challenge #11: Trajectory Tune-Up

May 27, 2014

By Jeff Ritter __

__To consistently elevate your game, you have to be continually putting yourself in position to raise what I call your "Golf IQ". That is, creating experiences that allow you to grow mentally, technically and physically as a player.

As it relates to ball-striking, it's fair to say that most golfers play purely by direction. They swing away hoping to manage the bend of their golf ball enough to land it safely in play. Although direction is a top priority, the game's best players are very much dialed into the height their shots are flying as well.


What we're talking about is better understanding how to manage and control the component of loft. Each golf club is built with a "static" loft, or the amount of loft the club is designed with. In the process of hitting a golf shot, that loft can change into what is known as "dynamic" or "delivery" loft. This week's challenge is all about gaining more command over your shots by developing the feeling associated with adjusting loft at will.

For argument's sake, you can of course change the launch of a golf shot by selecting different clubs, increasing or decreasing speed, as well as manipulating the condition of the clubface throughout the swing. The goal of this particular exercise is purely related to controlling shaft angle during the strike or how much the shaft is leaning toward or away from the target at contact.

A great way to do this in a manner that quickly impacts your performance is by learning this skill related to short game play. In any round of golf it's probable that you'll need to hit a variety of shots best suited for varying trajectories around the green. As you work through the drill progression, you'll begin to develop a higher level of awareness of both clubhead and handle location associated with adjusting the height of each shot.

This is an incredible exercise and one that makes you feel really empowered as a player. Challenge yourself to master the "Trajectory Tune-up" and you'll have one more tool to take your game to the next level.


Improved Trajectory ControlIncreased Golf IQEnhanced Shotmaking