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Madoff's Golf Shop open for business

November 11, 2009

Actually, it's an auction of Bernard Madoff's belongings Saturday at the New York Sheraton. There are six lots (lots 296 through 298 and 301 through 303) that feature nothing but golf items, mostly clubs, suggesting that on the golf front, at least, he was no different than most golfers who upgrade their equipment, but don't discard their old sticks.

Lot 296 features a putter, three fairway woods, a driver, a sand wedge and an iron set, each of a different brand.

Lot 297 lists "twelve various gents golf clubs by brand and style; 3 putters, 8 drivers (in fact one driver and seven fairway woods), 1 practice weight club," as well as another putter and iron set.

Lot 298 features a putter, three fairway woods, a driver (11.5 degrees), and an iron set, again all different brands.

Lot 301 has seven assorted clubs and lot 302 has an iron set, while lot 303 has bags, gloves, umbrellas and shoes, but no clubs.

-- John Strege