Golf PhenomsNovember 23, 2015

Lydia Ko is the youngest golfer to. . . well, pretty much everything

Lydia Ko is making things tough on the course for her fellow LPGA Tour pros, but she's making things easy for those keeping track of golf's all-time records. If you're trying to figure out who the youngest golfer to ever do something is, odds are it's Ko. Here's a (growing) list of milestones the 18-year-old phenom already holds:

-- Youngest golfer to be ranked No. 1 in the world.

-- Youngest golfer to win a major championship (Sorry, Young Tom Morris).

-- Youngest golfer to win player of the year on a major tour.

-- Youngest golfer to win the LPGA's Road to the CME Globe. (She's claimed the $1 million bonus twice already)

-- Youngest golfer to win a pro event. (Actually, this was since broken by Brooke Henderson. Why are you messing with our flow, Brooke?!)

-- Youngest golfer to win an LPGA Tour event.

-- Youngest golfer to five pro wins.

-- Youngest golfer to 10 pro wins.

-- Youngest golfer to win five times in one season.

-- Youngest golfer to do a Dr. Evil impression after winning "one MILLION dollars."

You get the point. Basically, Ko breaks some sort of record every time she wins a tournament -- or even when she doesn't like at this past week's T-7 at the LPGA's season finale. Congrats, Lydia. You are now the youngest golfer to do everything.

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