News & ToursSeptember 14, 2015

Lydia Ko is really, really excited about playing in the Olympics

A long trip to Rio in the heart of the season. A new, untested golf course. An unimaginative format. Tour pros have found plenty of reasons to gripe about the inclusion of golf into next year's Olympics.

Adam Scott, for one, called it an "exhibition" earlier this year, and said he wasn't "going to miss it" if he doesn't qualify. With the event now less than a year away, we're bound to hear similar opinions from more of the game's stars, but don't count Lydia Ko among the group of golfers grumbling about going to Brazil.

After capturing her first major at the Evian Championship on Sunday, Ko was asked, "what's your next ambition?", to which she replied:

"I think one of my big goals is the Olympics. You know, it's only around the corner. It's less than a year from now. I think the first time it was announced, I was like, man, I really want to be playing in the Olympics. Yeah, it's soon. It's next year. Ever since it's been announced, I've been super excited to play, and to play for your country on the international stage, it's an amazing experience, and I've met some Olympians, and they say it's nothing -- nothing is like it."

Hear that, Adam? The Olympics are just around the corner! Maybe you need a pep talk from Lydia.


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