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Lydia Ko Can Turn Your Pull-Hook Into A Power Draw

September 06, 2016

There’s something kind of nice about missing it left. At least you got through the ball. And if you can wrestle in your hook, you're looking at a baby draw, right? But no matter what kind of solace you can find in your misses, it’s always hard to make par from the trees. If you struggle with hitting ugly pull-hooks, you’re not alone. Even Lydia Ko, the number one female player in the world, has had some trouble missing it left.

She’s diagnosed that miss as a hip-turn issue. Instead of making a good, smooth turn through the ball, she said her hips spin out sometimes. This closes the clubface at impact, sending the ball hard left.

To fix it, she does this little drill:

Take an iron and put the grip behind your left thigh. Hold onto the club near the head with your right hand, and push back on it as you make practice hip turns. Pushing on the grip will provide a little resistance, and hold your hips back from spinning out. It teaches you how to stay in the shot with your lower body. Getting your hip motion under control will take that uncontrollable pull-hook and bring it back into the fairway.