Luka Doncic is the MVP, Dallas's Messiah and a roastmaster

November 25, 2019

Luka Doncic is currently averaging 30.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and 9.8 assists per game. These are numbers not befitting a 20-year-old second-year NBA player who looks more like a knockoff 'Bachelorette' contestant than a basketball player. He's easily the most entertaining player of the year, but not just on the court. Along with his last-second theatrics and snazzy play, Luka has already skyrocketed up the list as one of the best quotes in sports.

Following in his predecessor's footsteps, Luka has taken the mantle from Dirk Nowitzki as the Dallas ringleader in not only basketball prowess but subtle jabs as well. This isn't the first time that Luka has sent some shade Dirk's way and this is as good a reason as any to remember the time when the two played "Name That Tune" trying to guess songs like "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton and "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.

"You were 50 when it was the 90s" is a fantastic zinger. It's just another shot Luka has nailed since joining the league in 2018.

May we also never forget the Rising Stars Challenge in which Luka was mic'd up.

The Slovenian weaved through the court pretending to be De'Aaron Fox, requested a jump ball taking the place of the 6'11" DeAndre Ayton, and said that "I used to do that when I was young" in regards to a dunk by Marvin Bagley III. This was all over the course of just one basketball game. The kid is a star.

Although the season's still young, a fourth-place spot in the West for a frisky 11-5 Mavs team is much better than most prognosticators could have dreamed of. Between Luka and Kristaps Porzingis, Dallas is a must-watch night after night, including postgame thanks to Luka's press conferences.

It looks like Luka is going to have a long and fruitful career in the NBA, chockful of transcendent highlights, a loaded trophy case and plenty of quotable one-liners when it's all said and done. However, if he needs something to do in 2030, maybe there's a career in stand-up waiting for him right around the bend.