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Cheer up! You're probably having a much better day than this guy

April 17, 2015

Thursday should have been a great day for one golf fan attending the LPGA Lotte Championship. There's not much better than walking around a beautiful Hawaii golf course, drinking a beer and enjoying watching some of the best golfers in the world play.

Ah, but those pesky Hawaiian winds can get you. A gust knocked this guy's hat off and blew it into the water. And apparently, he really likes that hat. That led to this minor disaster:

At least, the man got his beloved hat back. But he lost his beer -- and maybe his shoes? Where are his shoes?! -- and got soaked in the process before probably getting the boot from the tournament. Oh, and it was all caught on TV (nice job by the announcers calling the action!). Not this guy's finest moment.