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Louisville catcher pulls off an all-time fake out on play at the plate to easily tag Florida State baserunner

With a 13-0 lead over Florida State in the top of the eighth, Louisville could have easily coasted to the end of the game and likely still won by double digits. Instead, center fielder Trey Leonard and catcher Pat Rumoro decided to step on FSU's neck.

With runners on second and third, the Seminoles attempted to cut into the lead and save themselves from further embarrassment with a two-out, two-run base hit. After one run scored, Leonard fired a rope to Rumoro, but Rumoro stood straight up the entire time, appearing to be frozen in time. This deked out the second FSU base runner so bad that the guy thought he would easily score and forgot to keep hustling or slide. Check out Rumoro's all-time fake out:

Obviously, when you're up by two touchdowns, you can try stuff like this, but no matter what the score is this is still a one million baseball IQ play from Rumoro. Deke outs are becoming more common than ever in baseball, especially from outfielders in the MLB who try to throw off runners by making it look like a fly ball is going to drop in. But I can't say I've ever seen a catcher dupe somebody like this. And let's not discount the throw from Leonard, a perfect one hopper right in Rumoro's bread basket to easily tag the runner. Tough look for the 'Noles, who eventually lost the game 14-1.