Weird Golf NewsNovember 6, 2015

Louisiana mini-golf course's grand opening held up because of silly zoning law

We feel for the residents of Welsh, Louisiana. The town's new mini-golf course is ready to be played, but a dispute over whether the facility is violating local zone ordinances is holding up the grand opening, according to American Press.

The main issue is the lack of a five-foot buffer between the course's perimeter fence and the course. It wouldn't be a problem, but the one residential property the facility is bordering on, a lot containing a trailer home, is complaining. "The purpose (of the buffer) is to ensure neighbors are protected from disturbances," zoning commission chairman Jim Wright said.

The law requires anything within five feet of the fence to be moved. In this case, that would include part of the course as well as a giant pig statue. (Side note: This place sounds awesome!)

Meanwhile, the owners of the course wonder why the zoning commission, town and fire marshal all signed off on the course's plans if they were in violation. They are now threatening to open a bar instead if the course isn't allowed to be opened as is.

We hope it doesn't come to that. As frustrating as this legal dispute must be to those directly involved, just think of the tortured town residents who can look, but can't touch.


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