U.S. Open

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

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Louis Oosthuizen marked his runner-up finish at the PGA Championship with this incredible lip-syncing video

Louis Oosthuizen just provided us with an amazing video you won't soon forget. The South African didn't win the PGA Championship on Sunday, coming up a couple strokes shy of Justin Thomas to finish T-2, but let's be thankful he didn't.

Oosthuizen is normally one of the most reserved tour pros you'll find, never showing any emotion on the course. Which is what makes the below video even better.

Following Quail Hollow, Oosthuizen felt so inspired that he provided the golf world with this video, which is quickly going viral. Louis Oosthuizen lip-syncing isn't something we knew we needed, but it's exactly what we needed to cap this PGA week.

First of all, it's amazing he has finished runner-up in every major. That's quite the feat. Plus, Oosthuizen does have his runaway win at St. Andrews at 2010, so it's not all bad.

But second of all, who knew Oosthuizen was so good at lip-syncing? As good as his golf swing is, he might have a future in entertainment. This was first-class. Look at the passion in this face? We've never seen that from him, even during his 2010 British Open win, or his 2014 Masters playoff loss to Bubba Watson.

Louis Oosthuizen singing

Well done, Louie. We're pretty sure Andra Day, who sings this "Rise Up" song, would agree.